What it means for you

The effects of EngageM8 benefit everyone, from customers and individual call centre agents to companies and the bottom line, guaranteed to improve your call centre performance.

Call centre agents feel empowered

Any weaknesses in agents’ telesales techniques are picked up by the cloud based call monitoring software. EngageM8’s online training resources are specially designed to correct these weaknesses, through a series of dialectic question which allow agents to understand the meaning of a customer’s voice tones and their relevance to excellent customer service. As a result, agents feel more in control and less stressed during a call, which reduces staff turnover. Becoming aware of customers’ voice sounds allow agents to engage in a new form of customer centric selling, making calls more profitable and more enjoyable for both agent and customer.

Improve the customer experience

Customers are more likely to enjoy a sales call when they feel listened to rather than spoken at. When call centre agents know how to use their voice sounds in relation to the customer’s voice, customers feel like the conversation develops naturally and as though their emotional needs are met. This improves customer satisfaction and builds customer relationships, increasing the number and value of sales calls.

What it means for your company

EngageM8’s training for call centres help companies deliver excellent customer service, which will improve customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Needless to say, this translates into increased profitability and efficiency.

EngageM8’s Tableau data visualisation software provides a platform for holistic call centre performance management. As it enables the inclusion of your existing business KPI to the results of EngageM8’s voice analytics, managers will physically see the connections between the two, giving them knowledge not only of what needs improving, but the steps that need to be taken to improve it.

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