Cloud based voice analytics

EngageM8’s voice recognition software is a non-invasive, cloud based service which aids call centres in taking a customer centric approach to telesales.

During a call, EngageM8’s voice recognition technology analyses the voice sounds of both agent and customer. EngageM8’s patented algorithm measures the pace, tone and intonation of both voices, as different combinations of these three elements are indicative of different emotional states. EngageM8’s focus is customer empowerment, assessing essentially the degree to which call centre agents efficiently "get on the customer’s side". Calls are assessed in four stages, Recognition, Engagement, Rapport and Collaboration, which are essential to great customer service and building customer relationships.

Whereas other voice recognition services measure the voice of the call centre agent only, EngageM8’s focus is the agent’s voice in relation to that of the customer. It is essential for agents to match, mirror, mix or cross the voice sounds at certain stages of a call to ensure that conversations flow naturally. Learning to be aware of the emotions projected by a customer’s voice and how to use your voice in response is key to successful sales calls.

EngageM8 is fully automated and provides no distraction to call centre agents. To ensure accuracy in the assessment of call centre agents’ performance, 100% of calls are analysed.

Visualisation of data

The results of EngageM8’s voice analytics is presented to line managers after a call using Tableau data visualisation software, powered by Interworks UK. As well being an award-winning tool for visualisation of data, Tableau offers significant data blending features. This allows line managers to combine the data provided by EngageM8 with your existing business KPI, making apparent the links between the results of the voice analytics and your conversion rate, average call length, first call resolution or any other relevant KPI’s. This way, you’ll know not only what needs improving, but also how to improve it, making EngageM8 a platform for holistic call centre performance management.

Online sales coaching and training

Based on the results of EngageM8’s voice analytics, call centre agents are offered targeted telesales training, guiding them to excel at customer centric selling. Depending on the stage of a call during which an agent’s performance is weaker, he or she is assigned to a relevant call centre training group. EngageM8’s training modules each focus on one of the four stages of a call: Recognition, where an agent must be recognised as someone worth talking to, Engagement, where the agent must be accepted as an expert, Rapport, where the agent must successfully ask the customer questions in a way that appears natural, and Collaboration, where the agent must use the appropriate voice sounds to compel the customer into action.

Sales coaching and training is delivered online in a quick Q&A format, with no disruption to agents’ workflows. Through a dialectic, forum-style learning process, agents will interact with EngageM8 trainers and other call centre agents, mastering tried and tested telesales techniques, guaranteed to improve the customer experience. Knowing how to improve customer satisfaction will empower agents and reduce staff turnover, while improving your overall call centre performance.

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