EngageM8 issued patent for recognising the emotional effect of a speaker’s voice

6 March 2013

We are proud to announce that EngageM8 has been issued UK Patent 2,494,104, relating to recognising the emotional effect a speaker is having on a listener by analysing the sound of his or her voice. The patent covers technology developed by EngageM8, which allows digital analysis of human speech. Measuring predetermined characteristics such as tone, pace and intonation, we are able to determine the emotional response induced in a listener by a portion of speech. For call centres of all kinds, this means we are able to analyse the sounds of an agent’s voice, predict the emotional effect it is having on the customer, and suggest ways for the agent to change the sound of his or her voice to elicit a more desirable outcome to a call.

”This patent recognises the uniqueness of EngageM8, and is an example of how we are innovating and creating value for our customers” says managing director Simon Bell. ”Our technology represents a new way of engaging with customers, and opens up a new world of possibilities for call centres. This is a very exciting time for EngageM8.”