Simon Bell launches EngageM8

2 August 2012

Managing director Simon Bell today announced the launch of EngageM8.

EngageM8 is a unique cloud based service which uses vocal recognition technology to listen in on both sides of a sales call. As opposed to other vocal recognition tools, EngageM8’s focus lies on the agents’ use of tone, pace and intonation, rather than the words used. More so, EngageM8 assesses an agent’s use of vocal sounds in relation to the customer’s voice, in a bid to help the agent connect with the customer. Human beings possess a wide range of vocal sounds, and knowing how and when to use them is the basis for successful human interaction.

“Words address the intellect, but sounds resonate and touch the emotions”, says Simon Bell. “Because buying is an emotional response, this matters. A lot. You may be saying the right words, but are you making the right sounds to get the response you want? With EngageM8, my goal is to help agents make more efficient and more profitable sales calls”.

Routing calls through the EngageM8 cloud, EngageM8 assesses an agent’s use of pace, tone and intonation using the patented EngageM8 algorithm. Based on the assessment, agents are offered targeted training, which teaches them to understand the sounds they hear on the phone and how to respond. At EngageM8 we recognise that all customers are different, which means all sales calls should be too. Teaching agents how to listen rather than relying on scripts and call flows means agents will be better able to connect with customers on the phone, and they will take ownership of a new and very customer oriented type of sales call. This means a more positive experience for both agent and customer, resulting in increased sales and profititability, and enhanced staff retention for companies.