Cloud based voice recognition software and online call centre training

Improve your call centre performance with EngageM8, an innovative call centre software system and online staff training method. We offer a cloud based service which uses voice recognition technology to assess call centre agents' use of voice sounds during a call. By focusing on voice sounds rather than words spoken, EngageM8 identifies issues overlooked by traditional call analysis software. Based on the results of the voice analytics, your call centre agents are offered online sales coaching and training to match their strengths and development needs.

With cutting edge voice recognition software, award winning data visualisation powered by Tableau, and online training resources for agents, EngageM8 is guaranteed to:

  • Improve profitability and efficiency
  • Increase job satisfaction and staff retention
  • Improve customer loyalty and customer satisfaction

EngageM8 is a full package service. Not only does the system identify your agents’ weaknesses, it offers appropriate sales coaching and training to correct it. Learn more about the services we offer or the theory that drives EngageM8.

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